The Law Blog

Utilising the vast inter-connecting opportunity put forward by the information era, The Law Blog ( aims at spreading law-related information amongst the netizens, and thereby make small contributions to the developmental process as a whole.

The Law Blog, as a platform, aims at not only spreading information but also creating stakeholders for digital equality and access. The Law Blog has been the starting point of a number of initiatives aimed at training students and legal professionals in the vital art of blogging with a specific emphasis on the social change-making process.

We, at The Law Blog, visualise a more inclusive and democratic blogosphere as a necessary precursor to a better-informed citizenry. The mission of The Law Blog is two-fold. The first and primary mission of TLB is making the blogosphere more inclusive and democratic by empowering more and more people to participate in it. Towards this end, TLB runs its WFAC programme which aims at producing future leaders of the blogosphere. The second mission which TLB is committed to is using blogosphere (and blog posts) to achieve the goal of a better-informed society by the way of online dissemination of quality information.

Recently, it was featured in the 'Feedspot List of Top 40 Indian Law Blogs' with 25th rank!

Law Matters Online Academy

Quality legal education and informative capsule courses relating to various practical facets of the law of the land is the need of the hour, and Law Matters Online Academy is an initiative aimed at addressing this particular need.

Law Matters Online Academy connects experts with novices and the experienced ones with the eager ones to make learning an interesting and exploratory journey.

Writing For A Change

Writing For A Change is an online two-month long certificate programme by LaMCRESA that explores with its participants the various aspects of blogging, social change, and blogging for social change.

WFAC furthers the goal of The Law Blog in creating the future leaders of the blogosphere who possess the capability of being an agent of change.

Meet the writers for a change here.


#ChallengingHypocrisy was a one-month long social media hashtag campaign-cum-competition which required the contestants to critique the hypocritical practices prevalent around them in their immediate socio-cultural circle(s).

It was initiated by LaMCRESA under the banner of The Law Blog.

Research Projects

The Forest Right Act - Still a dream for many?

Status - Completed (2015)

Social Media and Intellectual Property Rights - Is awareness a bigger challenge than ensuring strong legal frameworks?

Status - Ongoing

Traditional Knowledge and its protection - Is WIPO making us drift away from the basic questions?

Status - Ongoing

If you have a research proposal that you'd like to share with us, kindly let us know - we'll be happy to associate ourselves with researchers like you!