Founding members

Adv. Debarchan Pradhan, Chairperson, LaMCRESA

Adv. Debarchan Pradhan is a leading lawyer and social activist currently stationed in Sambalpur, Odisha. A critical thinker, compassionate activist, and sharp lawyer, he's been associated with LaMCRESA and its sister concerns since its initial years in the 1990s. You can connect with him here.

Anshuman Sahoo, Director, LaMCRESA

A final-year student of Law and Business Administration at the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University, Dehradun, Anshuman is passionate and optimistic about Law as a powerful instrument for effectuating social change. He has convened a number of National and International Projects and can be reached at

Adv. Rajeev Kumar Pradhan, Comptroller, LaMCRESA

A tax attorney by profession, Adv. Rajeev has been actively involved in a number of socio-legal initiatives of Law Matters Centre for Research, Education, and Social Action, including those of its sister organisations. A talented lawyer and accomplished professional, Adv. Rajeev looks forward to LaMCRESA as an opportunity to serve the society better.

Adv. Ranjan Kumar Sahoo, Founding Member, LaMCRESA

Every Chandragupta needs a Chanakya, and Adv. Ranjan is the Chanakya to LaMCRESA. Adv. Ranjan is a noted socio-political activist from the Deogarh district of Odisha, and has been the founding father of a number of grassroot mass movements that addressed the issues at their fundamental levels. With an experience of 30+ years of social work, and 10+ years of public prosecution, Adv. Ranjan looks forward to LaMCRESA as an idealistic and futuristic platform. You can connect with him here.